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Hello Eurys! 

As you all know we live in crazy times but the current plan is for the convention to take place in Warsaw sometime in July/August 2021. 
Regarding the dates – we can’t officially announce them until we have a signed contract with the venue. 
  Most likely it’s going to be the same weekend and place as already planned, but since the current Polish regulations forbid any mass gatherings of more than 150 people and nobody knows when the situation changes, the venue is reluctant to sign the new contract and so are we, to be honest. 
  In the meantime, we have a few online fellowship events planned and will announce them here and on EURYPAA 2021 Facebook group.  

If you want to join the FB group please email us at:

Stay tuned and stay patient 🙂

Yours in love and service, 
Warsaw Host Committee